Bengal Diaries (I)

West Bengal rings as Rasagullas, Rolls, and Rabindranath Tagore. But the truth is West Bengal which was once the capital of British India has much more to it than what it is stereotyped for. This balmy state on the east homes not only India's Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore but also several other intellectuals and reformers.… Continue reading Bengal Diaries (I)


Her Majesty has summoned!

Staring in amazement at a view so magnificent - I gasped for more air, from my room at Hotel Bharat. Himalayas always have been that sweet distant dream which lay untouched in the dusty corner of my heart. You day-dream of this colossal mountain range, go through innumerable insta-pictures and travelogues that it seem so close and yet so… Continue reading Her Majesty has summoned!

Emotion, Travelogue

Muscat, One last time

The unmistakable 'imama'(turban) with a mix of subdued brown grey and beige and the long flowing dish-dasha were part of the fabric in my memory. Then came the mellow drift of Arabic 'As-salamu-alaykum'(Peace be upon you) followed by the pleasantry, 'Kaif Al hal' (How is it going). A native Omani has his own dialectical intonation… Continue reading Muscat, One last time