A random post

A random day in a random year. My wall has been littered with advertisements, campaigns, rants, pictures and all kinds of relevant and irrelevant information. Oh sorry, forgot to mention, Facebook 'wall'. I scrolled up and down aimlessly on my computer screen. For most of the Malayalees, elections are high on priority. Pictures of streaked… Continue reading A random post


Revisiting the ‘Tryst with Destiny’

Sixty eight years ago, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India, made one of the most inspiring speeches ever by a head of government to his countrymen. The PM urged young India to start spreading her wings out into the vast expanses of freedom. He spoke about the ‘triumphs’ and ‘achievements’ that… Continue reading Revisiting the ‘Tryst with Destiny’

Emotion, Travelogue

Muscat, One last time

The unmistakable 'imama'(turban) with a mix of subdued brown grey and beige and the long flowing dish-dasha were part of the fabric in my memory. Then came the mellow drift of Arabic 'As-salamu-alaykum'(Peace be upon you) followed by the pleasantry, 'Kaif Al hal' (How is it going). A native Omani has his own dialectical intonation… Continue reading Muscat, One last time