It did matter

6.30am. The blue bus screeches, coming to a sudden halt in front of my house. The sky would have just started to bleed and I would walk past the wooden gates to the doors which jolted open. If you are lucky, you can sleep through quiet music. Else drowsy, half asleep, singing along “Crawling” under your breath, I would make my way to school.

At 13, when you realize how messed your life can be, when teenage with all the rage and hormones comes barging through your door, you gut “From the inside” and believe me, it takes a few years for the feeling to wean off.
At 14, when you are a weirdo trying to fit in, carrying your own emotional baggage, desperately trying to find solace in “Somewhere i belong”.
At 15, when your parents say “no” to the party you were dying to go to, you sulk, slamming the door behind you, blasting “Nobody’s Listening” in your headphones, like you have been denied all freedom.
At 16, when you are fretting over some boy who never bothered to stay, when heartaches burn through your soul, you slowly pick yourself up, listening to “Breaking your Habit” day and night.
At 17, when expectations bury you deep into the rabbit hole, you turn “Numb”, carrying the weight of all the dreams, yours and theirs
At 18, when you are ready to take your first flight, terrified and insecure, you muster enough courage to “Leave out all the Rest”. And Fly.

Thank you Chester, for walking me and several others through our teenage. “In the end”, it did matter.

Rest in peace Chester.



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