Remembering Nusrat

The tempo rising steadily, the chorus matching up with the fast notes and then, Nusrat's voice hits an ecstatic high.  Inadvertently I close my eyes. "Allahoo hoo... Allahoo.. allah" slowly fading into background. If it had not been for my father's broad music taste, which I thought was a bit bizarre(even eccentric) during my childhood because he chose… Continue reading Remembering Nusrat

Food, UCB

Up close with Bangalore – Koshy’s 

It's been more than half a decade since I set my foot in this small, over crowded, yet feel-at-home-city -Bangalore. I had come here with the intention of going back to my native "soon". And soon has been running its six year. Having stayed here for quite sometime, I've upgraded from Kannada gothilla to Kannada… Continue reading Up close with Bangalore – Koshy’s