A rib from another rib

Just as everything else in this world is made in pairs, the Lord created woman from a man’s rib to be his companion. Ouch, It would have been hurtful to lose a rib. Millions of years have gone by, is the pain of losing a rib still buried deep down a man’s heart? I wonder..

Men get raped. But women get raped 10 times more. Records show that domestic violence against women is far higher in number and frequency than domestic violence against men. Statistics point out that one out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. 17.7 million American women have been victims of attempted or completed rape. In India, a rape happens every 30 minutes; almost 92 women gets raped every day.  South Africa is estimated to have about 500,000 rape cases every year. The list is long and disheartening. It is as though every country is trying to break its own records year after year. Rape happens everywhere, all the time.

And men, please don’t make a hue and cry about generalizing you. Because I’m not talking about all the men out there. I’m talking about those specific ones whose mind and brain has not evolved beyond an animal’s.  What makes a man exercise this controllable urge to prey a woman with out her consent. Does he consider himself to be physically stronger than his counterpart? Does he think she is inferior to him by emotions or the social status? Or does he stand firm on the idea that her clothes provoked him? Lemme ask, do you drive head on to another bike just because he didn’t wear a helmet? Did the other biker provoke you to collide head on because he did not wear a helmet??

People talk about a mentality shift that needs to happen. In a developing country like India, how do we bring about the change, when a substantial number of people are still trapped in the old world dogmas. When the politicians, the god-men, religious fanatics seems to be the super heroes who wave their banners for more regressive measures! A girl is taught to dream about a wedding and a husband while a boy is taught to dream about airplanes and rockets? Every household has a bias towards one gender, sometimes overtly, other times subtle. Our myths, fables, statue of lady justice, even the gods are female protagonists while the ordinary Indian women is placed way down in the social strata. How does one evolve into a better human being whose thoughts and actions are guided, not by shallow emotions but by reflective progressive thinking?

We are in need of change at various levels in our country, one of them being attitude and the thoughts of youth. A slow concerted attempt to re-educate the old and educate the young needs to be made so as to free the minds from the walls of outdated archaic views.

Mothers, teach them a bigger dream and Fathers, be proud of your daughter who fulfills the dream.
Little girls, do not consider yourself any less than the boys. Little boys, hold their hands and show them how to fly.
Lovers, hold you heads up because you have a bright star with you, and women remember the hand which held you tight when you didn’t know how to glow.
Husbands, remember she is as much capable as you are and Wives, remember to earn your respect.

And when you become parents, remember to teach your children what your parents, lovers, friends taught you..




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