Live and let live..


It doesn’t require a lot of brains to figure out what exactly ticked me off to write this post. A quick look at your Facebook wall of the last one year will tell you that the number of “fanatic/religious/atheist” posts are at the highest!

Its easy to categorize them. There is one lot who usually don’t post anything but when they post, they post “only” their religion! Its looks as though one is screaming loud through a megaphone “My religion is the best, My religion taught me this, Teach your children this, My religion has been there since the beginning, My religion does not say this” so on and so forth. I understand your point. You are a faithful devotee, You are defending and protecting your religion.  But the question is, does religion need to be so loud??? Does religion need advertisement and endorsements?? I really don’t know..

Then, there is another set of people who are only interested in pointing fingers at the other religion. “Look, they have done wrong, look they killed so many hence all are to be darned, look didn’t I tell you my religion is the best?” Some of them even post news articles titled “Women raped by men belonging to this religion“. Now posting such a sentence, out in public, to a crowd which has various level of tolerance, temperament, education poses a potential danger. It could send out several meaning. It could pollute a young mind, aggravate a troubled mind, it could even sow seeds of revenge. Is it really necessary?

We have yet another set of individuals who never misses any opportunity to take a dig at all religions. “We are all born atheists, until someone starts telling us lies“. I do not wave my banners for them, but often, I find that this lot has a better humor sense. 🙂 Its blessed to have a rational mind, I agree. Its worthy that you stand up against all ‘evil'(be it wrong practices, killing, or god men) which has infiltrated all the religions. But there is a faint line that differentiates mocking and stand up. Faith may make no sense to an atheist the same way as no god makes no sense to a devotee. Two sides of the same coin.

And lastly a few who are immune to all this. Because they haven’t named their God yet. A sect which believes that one need not take the shade of religion to be a believer of God. People who can find peace in a Mosque, Church, Temple, Synagogue, Monastery, or even under a tree. People who believe that the holy can manifest in everything in the world.  The Humanist,the Pantheist, yet-to-be-named-theist. 😀

Everybody is entitled an opinion. Just as everybody is entitled the benefit of doubt. For some odd reason we live in a world exploding with believers and non believers, and a buffet of Gods. Everybody make choices and we ought to respect that. Though the word “Coexist” now seems like a word from the distant past, we are in great need to revive it for our peaceful existence. Live and let live..




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