Food street – Bangalore

Apologies for delaying this post. Ramadan has come and gone. And probably the food street is back to its daily routine. But the images of this place flashes in my mind, as clear as yesterday.

Every year during the holy month of Ramadan, this stretch of road comes alive from the dust of regular life. As though blood is pumped through its veins, the street pulses with food, food and more food. MM Road, popularly known as Mosque Street is a one kilometer strip at Frazer town, Bangalore. Its turns into an Elysium for food lovers (probably the vegetarians would find it little difficult in here). Both sides of the road is fringed with shamianas which hosts the hot sizzling delectable cuisines. As the holy prayer echoes through the already buzzing street, the Iftar festivities begins. Strong aroma of meat marinated with spices waft in, knocking out your senses. This little walkway stays alive almost till midnight, if not more.

There are a lot of must-try dishes when one goes to the Mosque street. I haven’t tried half of these but for the benefit of others going for the next Ramadan, here it is. Some of the all time popular ones are Mutton Samosas, Khova Naan, Bheja Puff(yeah, you heard it right, bheja), Patthar ka ghosht and Haleem. Of course for the daring souls, exotic meat like, camel meat, emu and quail awaits.. How can I forget the Kababs. A visit to the food street is not complete with out trying a handful of them, sheek kababs, reshmi kababs, hariyali kababs, the list is long..

I was there this time too, following the heady smell of spiced meat. At every stall, your legs involuntarily break causing you to peep into the steamy closure waking up the half drowsy olfactory organs 🙂 First stall was more of an open place right at the corner of a by lane.  Light brown, aptly sizzled, cripsy yet soft, array of cutlets and samosas welcomed us. Fish, mutton, chicken… They had it all..  As you bite into these succulent thick disks, your taste buds get their much needed kick. Fish cutlet came out as my favourite as compared to its mutton sibling.

We walked past numerous stalls, serving  “Best Malai Chicken”, “Iranian chicken”, “Mutton kabab”, “Chicken Shawarma”, “Biriyanis”, “Fish fries”, “Kababs”, and several other dishes whose names I do not recall. People clustered in small groups in front of these shamiyanas, digging into the hot steaming plate which the other has just brought. The vendors lured the customers by giving a small bite to taste.

At certain stalls, we had to shove ourselves into the crowd to get a glimpse of what was being served. One such stall was the one serving various kinds of Ghoshts. Patthar ghosht had found its way straight into my heart(through the stomach though) during my previous visit itself. Cooked in burning hot granite, and with various condiments, it did give my stomach a familiar hug.

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After fiveor six stalls, binging had reduced(I bet the stomach was relieved too 🙂 ). Meanwhile, we did try camel meat(tough meat), emu[I could have develop an affinity had I tried it first], haleem(never my favourite), kababs(anytime for a kabab). We had a bite of jalebis, some pudding, and a cup of Sulaimani to round off the feast. As much I like to rant about Sulaimani Tea, I’d rather leave it for a separate post itself. 🙂

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Packed up from the place by 9.00pm. Only to be back, next season…

P.S I have to hunt for the photographs I took that day.


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