Food for thought

I was quite perturbed by the news I heard today morning. Some one I knew, not in person, but I have seen him in more than one occasion, took away his life. “Committed a suicide”, three little words, yet hard to swallow. The dictionary defines suicide as ‘the intentional taking of one’s life’, I could feel the weight of words sink into my heart. How could one person take away his life??? How thoughtless or selfish can a person be? Did the person really know what he was doing? My head swarmed with thoughts, random strings with no answers. This is not the first incident or the second, we come across it quite often in our lives.

What could have been running in such a person’s mind? A man who has spent more than quarter of his life on earth, a man who was bound to responsibilities. Whose stand do we take? His or his family’s? Where did he go wrong? Was it in his hands to decide? Or did he do it just by the impulse of the moment, some accidental thought which came in a fleeting second and to which he unfortunately held on to? Should we blame him or empathize at his helplessness? Walk a mile in his shoes and then decide.

As I close my eyes, I saw a forlorn figure, moving about quite aimlessly. Tired and disturbed by thoughts playing games with his withering faith. May be the world could not see the avalanche of emotions he was holding up inside of him, or may be he could not express it or he never realized it.

And in a fraction of second, the last feeble strand of this faith breaks, faith in existence, faith in a better tomorrow or the belief in an ultimate force. What’s a man with out faith????

In this, busy frustrated world, may be we ought to observe more, identify the nuances of emotions, empathize rather than sympathize, reassure than retaliate, because we never know, may be an understanding nod,  a helping hand, or the company of a person could change somebody’s mind.



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