That ugly wound which dug deep into your flesh, ripping apart the soft tender tissue and blood gushing out, sending all your senses screaming in pain. It would remain tingling there for days, reminding you of its very existence. It’l catapult your soul from the body, when you absent mindedly bang it on the wall or the table. It would burn itself every time when in contact with water tormenting your body and torturing your soul. And then, slowly painstakingly heal. The word heal itself gives a little comfort to our eyes.

You can see the bruise slowly closing, fresh blood turning burnt red. A sigh of relief when it finally falls off your skin. But look!! It has left a shining, strangely shaped skin below it . . . the scar.

How many times have we been scarred not in body but in soul. Those deep cuts in our throbbing hearts which when finally heals, leaving ever lasting reminders. The grieving moments in our past when we are afflicted with the worst possible blow leaving our hearts hanging in ropes. Agony of losing someone to either death or to other inevitable circumstances, misery of helplessness, torture of a slipped word, the blues of loneliness or the sting from being cheated. Often we tend to re-run the empty corridors of our minds, chased by or chasing our own bleeding past.

This is to everyone of you, who is now at the edge, facing the worst fears, haunted by your own shadow, slipping through the black hole. We have all gone through it, you, me and everyone else and have come out of it alive too. This too shall pass. It so happens that the easiest way to heal is to forgive, to be brave and to hold on to those cherishing memories. Forgive the ugly past along with all the antagonists, forgive yourself, thereby releasing your locked up self. Be brave to face anything flung upon you, to fall down and then to steady yourself up, to walk out on somebody who does not deserve you and be happy that you made a choice. To allow yourself to fall in love again even though you had a bad shot at it earlier, to release those people who wish to move away from you, even though they mean a lot to you. To move on does not mean forgetting the loved ones, it just means that you can look back at your past with a smile. And finally allow yourself to be healed, to be re found and to give yourself a big hug.


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