Starred mail

I patiently wait for my inbox to load. .  Loading. . Loading. . The progress bar seems to be ever expanding. And finally, my white themed traditional Gmail mailbox. . Inbox(3). I skim through the subjects. . “How was your travel”  from one of the online travel booking sites. Yea right! The travel was horrible! Poor customer service, . “Are you looking for a new job”. No thank you!. “Your partner is one click away,”. Don’t get me started on this one.Just these? Eh?

I click on the previous button which takes me to the older 50 mails. Sheesh. . I had mails with 100 threads!! Where have these people gone? Wiped off from earth?.  Just then, like a lightening, it struck me, my new arch rival. “Whatsapp”. Ah, everyone is Whatzzappin!! And me, I’m staring at my all time good friend- my email inbox. You can call me the old hag. “Who uses email to communicate eh?” Everybody messages right?.

Sometimes I feel, these one liners that we type through chats have no life. Random sentences conjured up in some corner of the mind in the fraction of a second and splashed out in no order. How may times have we made typos while hurrying to finish off a sentence. Half baked letters strewn over the screen. And in case you decide to type in a longer reply, you keep receiving  “You there?” , “Hellooooooooooo”, or the person on the other end has moved away from the topic. Chats are emotional crushers too. You wait for a eternity for a reply and suddenly you see the other person offline!! Or other times when you have nothing to say, and you type in few dots, for whose sake, I have no clue. And the arguments through chats! Argh, they get you no where!

I miss those mails which may have a sentence or two or may be a paragraph, yet breathes life. When you take time, mould every word, type and retype to make it of optimum texture, its feel, and they in succession convey an emotion. They never can replace the traditional hand written letters, but definitely, it makes you look forward to your inbox. I miss those smiles which curved up my cheeks when I read a series of chain mails, or those times when I laugh so hard that tears actually rolled down my cheeks. Mails which deeply connects with you, those which reflects exactly how you feel and finally on re-reading may bring a silent tear. I even miss the anxiety when the inbox loads, just to see if you have a bright golden starred mail. The joy in seeing those golden stars, the eagerness to know whats inside it that you read the preview shown in the mailbox trying to make out whats coming next, the tone of the email, the anger or frustration when you cant find the right word that describes how you feel, restlessness as the attachment loads,  finally the satisfaction of a long reply, I miss them all.

As I log off from my account, I wait for another day, just to see if I have a starred mail.


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