Before I go. .

I do not want to lie in my death-bed, regretting the things I’ve missed in my life. Those things which I wanted to do but was afraid if I would fail. Those things I could do if I had put in an extra effort.

1. Himalayan Trekking ( July 17- 26. 2015 – Valley of Flowers! Worth every second of the time spent there)

2.Compere a show.

3. Learn Dance

4. Speak in front of 100 people

5. Lose 10kg!

6. Save money to buy a laptop (August 24, 2013)

7. Watch a sunrise.

8. Stand beneath a waterfall.

9. Grow a plant

10. Run a marathon (TCS 10K – May 19th)

11. Learn to play one whole song in keyboard.

12. Write 100 blog posts

13. Own a DSLR camera (August 27, 2013!!)

14. Earn one more degree. (Masters in Software Systems!)

15. Ride a bike.

16. Scuba Diving (Nirvana Nomads – May 17th 😀 😀 Loved it!!)

17. Learn a foreign language

18. Send post card to my father

19. Help a child learn.

20. Develop an app from scratch

21. Bungee jumping

22. Learn Android.

23. Re-read Time Traveller’s wife

24. Visit Vatican

25. Complete the story lying in drafts for about a year

26. Take a walk in a beach at night(Manipal, Murudeshwar).

27. Do a community service.

28. Go to a live concert(Banglore, OctoberFest 19-10-2011)

29. Spend a day in silence

30. Meditate

31. Tattoo

32. Go on an hot air balloon or paragliding

33. Meet A R Rahman

34. Rafting

35. Learn to play Snooker

36. Ride an elephant.

37. Visit foreign country

38. Do a perfect split

39. Resume Calligraphy

40. Stay awake one whole day

41. Revamp wardrobe

42. Go for an international conference.

43. Finish the 101 class at udacity

44. Throw a party for friends

45. Make a collection of my favourite quotations.

46. Become a world-class programmer

47. Walk in rain without an umbrella( Loved it!! 30-10-2012)

48. Make appearance on screen.

49. Take print of few of  photographs I’ve taken

50.  Get down on my knee and propose. 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anshul Chaurasia says:

    Visit Nepal and you can knock off all these in one go 🙂
    1. Himalayan Trekking
    21. Bungee jumping
    27. Do a community service.
    29. Spend a day in silence
    30. Meditate
    34. Rafting
    37. Visit foreign country

    1. Ah thats a new thought 🙂

      1. Anshul Chaurasia says:

        go for a good trek like Everest Base camp and who knows you might even knock off 5. Lose 10kg!

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