The Voice

“You really need to discard those clothes.” A week later, “That dress of mine got torn at the elbow!!”, she pouts. Sheesh. . not again. That awkward moment, when you mutter under your breath Argh!, I should’t have told that. ‘Be careful of what you say’, my friends warn me. Perhaps a sentence like “Just be careful, I have a feeling this will turn ugly” turns into a racing splinter of truth working its way towards you. The awful part is that, these moments happen quite often with me.

On a Friday morning, I arrive at my home town. A slightly overcast dawn, school kids waiting for their buses near my street, lush greenery soothing the eyes, overgrown vegetable patch, I happily trot down the slope leading to my home. Our jade pond catches my eye, it was never this full and this green. So I go near, lean towards the pond, to take a closer look. Fishes! Not one, or two, but a school of them. My mom comes to greet me, I merrily say “Looks like dad has a new hobby. 🙂 May be its a good idea to cover it with a net, just in case some bird is looking for breakfast?”. Mom replies, “Na, these fishes come to the surface only at a particular time in the morning and we haven’t seen any birds yet”. An hour later, I hear a howl, unmistakably my brother’s. “The king fisher has one of our fish in its mouth!!!” My mother, rushes out, the bird gracefully flies over our pond and swoosh…
I sat inside. . frozen. .

How many times have I lectured that little voice foretelling one of those blood curdling moments in my head. I roll my tongue so as to not blurt out and hurt somebody. And then hours later or weeks later, that dreaded news reaches like tornado, leaving a cold shudder down my spine.

I do not remember since when I started heeding the voice. But since then, it’s been always in there. Sometimes babbling all day about some insignificant incident which happened days back, some other times as silent as the graves. That nasty fellow who speaks his mind aloud and I, inadvertently echo the same. True, this voice has saved me at the most crucial moments of my life, but most of the times caused a catastrophe. A pandemonium let loose just by a word or two.

The little one goes wrong at times. And this is how I think of it, it goes wrong as it confuses truth with the desires or the fears of the heart. There is indeed a little voice in every one of us, our inner consciousness, which scrutinize every action, weighs its pros and cons, or calculate the probability of an event and most of the time, it turns out right.

May be that voice resides in our head for a reason, to guide us at the darkest hours, to caution us of the repercussions of our actions or as a companion to heal the wounds. .


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