Solace of a candle

Often we’ve heard people say “At our times, we used to study under the candle light”. I have always thought nothing high about trying to read in candle light. And all these years, I never tried to read or write under candle light. C’mon who would want to do anything fruitful under that yellow incandescence. Those precious power cut moments are to be spent in darkness, when you can escape for few minutes from that dreaded History homework, or perhaps the perfect moment to shed a tear without letting anyone see or smile heartily of something that happened during that day. I remember weaving up stories of me fighting the dark evil in those power cut hours. A temporary mask created by our electricity posts 🙂

But yesterday, I sat in candle light.

The rains were pouring its wrath down upon me as I walked back home. It was cold and windy, my umbrella had a mind of its own swinging me left and right along with it. With vehicles beaming right into my eye, I stepped into numerous mud pools. Pluk! Pluk! The rains showed no mercy neither did the speeding cars splashing water. All efforts of not getting wet were defeated and I reached home drenched.

Had it been any other day, I would’ve sat through the darkness. But today, I lit a candle. For the simple reason that I needed warmth. That single burning yellow flame which instantly gave a visual warmth more than the physical heat. It was interesting to watch the flame flicker to my breath and strange to sit in a room where silence is screaming loud at you. My loyal self on the wall kept me company nodding to the arguments, reasoning going on in my mind. .All thoughts go whirling around you like a tornado and pushing you to the darkest corridors of your mind. And after few minutes, you feel calm. As calm as after the storm. When thoughts are clearer and mind is serene.

The Indian custom of lighting the lamp at twilight may be for the same reason. Our minds just like the candle, while lighting it, it would quiver and flutter, then slowly, it will sway gracefully and we fall through a different atmosphere. Detached from the stresses of daily life and to sink into a tranquility.

Everybody loves candle-light dinners. Sure, the soft golden glow of the candle indeed enhances the mood of people. Everything around the candle sparkles and shimmers, spoons, glasses , plates, even your eyes. To feel clearer, smile brighter, most importantly feel happier.

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
And your footsteps will always fall here 

~Elton John


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