Somebody recently asked me “Why dont people blog about love?” I replied ‘may be it was a complicated emotion that cannot be expressed in words.’ Later that night, it got me thinking. Why are people hesitant to write about love? Why don’t I write? Is that feeling so difficult to put into words? Or am I not brave enough to declare it.

I scrolled through a list of romantic melodies, plugged in the headphones, placed a bar of chocolates nearby. I’ve all the things for me to get into the mood and I’m all good to go.

Tick.. Tick…

I write a word.. Strike it.. Another… and again  .. Oopsie…. More difficult that I thought. I need to knead the words like we knead dough, make it soft and plushy for me to roll them out before you.

Love has been described umpteen number of times by all our poets, literary legends, lyricists, Saints, Gods, Eminem, Mother Teresa, not a name to spare and yet, here, I find it difficult to paint it. It feels vulnerable to write about it. How do I describe that tender feeling? That feeling which gets us higher than the Eiffel Tower. Those fondled memories of your past which sweeps you off your feet like a petal floating in the breeze. Woosh.. and all you know, is that, your smiling.. for apparently no reason.

That familiar tingling sensation you feel, that spark that you see in the eyes, that electrifying effect and you unknowingly say “Phew”. For every stolen glance, and those slow paces you take, you’ve a reason.
And trust me, some of you must have even heard the background scores. Hours spent in front of the mirror, perfecting a single strand of hair, extra miles walked for that fraction of a second or the glimpse of a face. Those moments when you felt lighter than a feather, warmer on a bitter sunday morning, smiling like you just won 10 million bucks.

Songs to which you hummed along or jumped about reminding us of the sweet past or sweeter present. A feeling more intoxicating than that of the first rains, when you know, your heart is full and that is all you need.
Like a sweet melody flowing in your veins. . Those blissful moments, when you are healed of all your wounds, when you are ripped of all your pretenses, when you can laugh with you eyes and your heart, speak your mind with out holding out anything and slowly even if it is for only few minutes, you fall back into being your innocent self. Lazy mornings when you curl up under you blanket listening to rain tip toeing on your roof, trying to recollect those eyes you saw the other day, or perhaps re-playing those special moments in the dolby theatre of your mind, when you no longer hear the annoying dog barking at your gate or your friend screaming at the top of her lungs.

Once in a while we get to experience these nuance of emotions, not necessarily when you’re in love, perhaps at the flash of a face that you see on road, or the happy glee of the toddler next door, watching the old couple holding hands or it might be your old stack of dusty photographs or may be, when you are in the terrace on a full moon night, cupping few fireflies. . Cherish them… Savour the moment… Live those seconds to the complete perfection, because sooner or later, these moments will become another bead in the chain of your life. .

I slip behind my own curtain of dreams…

My phone still playing..

Munbe Vaa, en Anbe Vaa, Oone Vaa, Uyire Vaa. . .


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