Romancing the rain

I could feel it in the air last night while returning home. . You blew the shawl off my shoulder, sweeping the roads, tickling the leaves. .You came charging into my home as I open the doors, making the curtains fly high and banging the windows. As I stand in the balcony, I could hear the murmuring of the leaves, may be they are gossiping about your arrival. I feel you blanketing me, brushing my neck, playing around with my hair. You were coming. You send off my neighbour’s clothes flying about in the sky. Her pots, which she had kept to dry have fallen off the wall. And yet, she seems to be longing for you too. Her eyes were searching for you in the darkness as she looked up. I lingered outside savouring the moment. My hands were growing numb. Curling up in my bed, I fell asleep waiting for you.

It was distinct low howl from the bathroom which woke me up. Unmistakeably yours. That tiny open window in the loo through which you flew in. .  I rushed out to the balcony. Finally, after the long dry months, a sigh of relief !! The Rains. Dark clouds loomed the sky, cold winds blew strong. Trees seemed to be dancing to the whispering winds. I could feel that everything around me yearned for you. Soon you would lash down and the earth would mop it up taking in every drop. Everyone is prepared for your arrival. The pigeons were making a new nest on my sunshade, probably you might destroy their already tattered old one, the dogs found shelter in the construction site near by. The shopkeepers have pulled down their plastic sheets so you would not wet their grains. Yes, you could be vengeful, releasing your wrath. But some other times, you sneak when everyone is fast asleep. . And I. . I was waiting in the balcony.

It was only few hours later that I could feel few droplets tickle down my neck. I shuddered at the feeling of getting drenched. Walking down the road, I could smell the earth. The dry earth damped by the droplets. The very smell gets me high. My heartbeat slowed, so did my pace. . I allowed myself to get soaked, smiling slyly I looked up. . You finally arrived. .


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