Moments of rare encounters with my other-self

If you ask what exactly triggered me into creating a blog space. I really don’t have a clue, may be social networks were driving me crazy and I needed an alternate space of my own, some turf in the virtual web where I could collate my random thoughts, rather than flicking through unknown profiles or checking every 5 minutes to see if a post has a like or a comment, or out of sheer boredom, or perhaps one of those decisions that we make in one eighth of a second.

And as I try to frame grammatically complete sentences, I’m already beginning to realise that I’ve forgotten the art of writing! All I now know is to ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘link’, ‘connect’, ‘post’. Post what! Post “grammatically incorrect, incomplete and incoherent words” as my mother would say.

Bloggin me: So why did I join the social network family???

The other me: Eh. I don’t remember. Because all my friends joined.
Bloggin me: Really, You in prison? You never see the friends?
The other me: No, I do see them.
Bloggin me: So why did you have to join a social network? :O
The other me(lil confused): Well, This is easier. I mean, I can keep contact with everyone. I wont forget their birthdays. I get to keep in touch with 500 friends!! 😀

Bloggin me(even more confused): 500 friends. . a nice number. So out of 500 friends, how many “friends” do you actually know in person, as in you have spoken to.

The other me(lil irritated): Hmnn. . may be 100?

Bloggin me(satisfied): 100 eh. .and out of these, How many of them you really accept as friends, notice their posts or photos or what ever.

The other me(Ouch!): what do you want! May be a 20 or 30.

Bloggin me(grinnning): Just curious, whats with the other 70?

The other me: Others may be ones I have met once in college, or juniors or seniors to whom I have spoken may be once, work mates. Or Aunts and uncles whom i hardly speak to. Or those people whom I don’t like at all, but just because they have sent a friend requests, I’ve added them.

Bloggin me(evil grin): Oh oh. . I see it. . You just wanted others to see your friends list eh?. Never mind. At the end of the day we all are attention seeking, appreciation wanting wretched souls. So before the advent of the networks, how did you keep in touch?
The other me(Damn! I knew that was coming!, re-evaluating): Well, I did not live in the letter writing era, but yes. . Calls, messages, making time to meet up. But then C’mon, there are people with whom I keep in contact through these chats!!
*** After about 60 long silence defying seconds***
The other me: I get your point. In-fact, more than what you wanted to say. .

Bloggin me:(no answer)

The other me: You can still ask questions. Hello?
The other me:Why did I join the social network family???

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